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Imitate the life of Jesus Christ

What problems have you encountered recently? The death of a family member or a dear friend? Life-threatening disease? Problems caused by age moving? Natural disaster, cruelty, or harassment? Or the effects of a disease, such as the COVID-19 epidemic? We look forward to the day when all these problems will be gone — they will be forgotten, and they will never happen again!—Read Isaiah 65:16, 17.

Life in the present times is a bit challenging, and we might face even more challenges in the future. (Matt. 24:21) Clearly, we need to continue strengthening our endurance. Why? Because Jesus said: “By endurance on your part you will save your souls.” (Luke 21:19) Reflecting on how others have successfully dealt with similar trials can strengthen our endurance.

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Who is the best example of endurance? Almighty God. Are you surprised by that answer? You may be surprised. But consider this, the world is ruled by the Devil and is filled with trouble. God has the power to destroy this wicked system of things right now, but he is also waiting for a specific time to act. (Rom. 9:22) Meanwhile, our God is patient with us until that time. Let us consider nine things that God has decided to tolerate.

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Artist: Wimbo wa kwaresma

Song: Navumilia tu

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