Furaha Yangu ~ Kwaya ya Mt. Theresia wa Mtoto Yesu Mafinga[DOWNLOAD AUDIO MP3]

 🗣I will be happy when I get married and have children.

🗣I will be happy  when owning my own house.

🗣I'll be happy when I get a job.

🗣I will be happy when I get 100,000$

🗣I will be happy when I attain my first degree.

🗣I will be happy when...

HAVE you ever felt that way?

When you got what you wanted, did your happiness last, or did it begin to diminish?🤔

Achieving a goal or achieving something we desire can make us happy, but that happiness is short-lived. Lasting happiness isn't based solely on achievement or success. Instead, true happiness depends on many factors, just as a person needs to do many things in order to be healthy.

Our needs greatly vary. What makes you happy might not make someone else happy. In addition, we change as we continue to grow. However, evidence indicates that there are things that are associated with happiness. For example, true happiness is related to contentment, not jealousy, love of people, and not despair. Let's examine those things...CLICK HERE TO PROCEED READING


Artist: Kwaya ya Mt Theresia wa Mtoto Yesu Mafinga

Song: Furaha Yangu

Download Audio Mp3
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