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FriendHoodie Privacy Policy

The following information describes our privacy policy regarding the personal information we collect about you.

1. Statement of Intent

From time to time, you will be asked to submit your personal information (for example, name and email address, etc.) in order to access or use the services available on our website. These services include newsletters, contests, "Cancel Email", live chat, message board and Friend Hoodie membership.

By posting your information in the space provided, you allow Friend Hoodie and its service providers to provide you with the services you requested. Whenever you provide your personal information, we will store that information in accordance with this policy. Our services are intended to provide you with the information you need. Tanzania Tech will operate in accordance with current laws and will aim to implement the best current Internet regulations.

2. Guest Information

Whenever you visit the FriendHoodie website, the pages you see, along with something called a cookie, are embedded in your computer (see feature 3 for more on this). Almost all pages, if not all of them, do this, because cookies allow the company that owns those pages to do more useful things, such as knowing if the computer (and possibly its user) has visited that page before. This is done when the user returns to the Internet, by browsing to find and find the cookie left behind, when the user last visited the web.

Any information that is provided by cookies may help us to provide you with the best possible service and to help us assess the reputation of our visitors. For example: if you visited our pages the last time, suppose you entered the E! Trending, then we can find this information in your cookie with the E! Trending when you log in a second time

These cookies and web logos provide non-personally identifiable information about visits made to our pages, the time spent looking at the page, the methods used by those visitors to the web, the data available in the guest screen settings and other general information. Friend Hoodie uses information such as these, and those found in other cookies used on the site to help improve the service to its users.

If you wish to reject the cookie you may not be able to use our website properly and you may use the procedure set out below in item 7.

3. What is a cookie?

When you go online your computer will immediately be given a cookie. Cookies are text files that identify your computer to our web server. The cookies themselves do not recognize the user, but only the computer used. Many online companies do this when a user visits their pages to find out how people are logging in and out of the network.

The cookies themselves take records of web sites that have been visited by a particular computer, and for how long. Users have the option of having the computer enable all cookies, notifying them when a cookie is issued, or not accepting cookies at any time. The latter means that certain personal services will not be able to be provided to that user.

4. Use and Storage of Your Personal Information

When you provide any personal information to a Friend Hoodie (for example, for a contest, Friend Hoodie Community Services or Friend Hoodie Community membership membership we are legally responsible to you in monitoring how we use that data).

We must collect the information fairly, this means that we must tell you how we will use the data (see advertisements on the relevant pages that inform you why we are requesting that information) and tell you if we want to send the information to anyone else. Normally, any information you provide to a Friend Hoodie will be used within the Friend Hoodie and its service providers. They will never be sent to anyone outside of the Friend Hoodie without your permission first, unless we are responsible or legally permitted to disclose such information.

Similarly, if you send or send abusive or inappropriate information about Friend Hoodie or to Friend Hoodie Media will find that the behavior is bad and / or repeated, Friend Hoodie may use any information obtained about you to end the practice. This includes informing other people such as your employer, your school or the company that provides e-mail services about the content of your text or about your conduct.

We will store your personal information in our systems throughout the period you are using our requested service, and we may remove it when the goal is met, or in the case of Friend Hoodie membership deciding that you no longer wish to continue your registration as a member of Friend Hoodie. However for security reasons, Friend Hoodie may store text message data (including message content, names and members, time and date) derived from the use of FriendHoodie (FriendHoodie Community) services such as Connector for six months. Where personal information is stored for people who are not yet registered, but have participated in other FriendHoodie services (eg competitions), such information will be stored for a period of time that is deemed appropriate to ensure that the services are properly operated. We will ensure that the personal information provided is properly stored in a secure environment, in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998 (Data Protection Act 1998).

If you have been informed on FriendHoodie that your information may be used to enable FriendHoodie to contact you for "administrative services", this means that FriendHoodie may contact you for a number of reasons related to the service you have subscribed to. For example, we may provide you with an information service via your email or notify you that the relevant service has been suspended for maintenance. We will not contact you for promotions, such as informing you about improving our services or about new FriendHoodie programs, unless you specifically agree that we should contact you for such purposes when you submit your information online, or later if you register for specific purposes. to receive such advertising information.

5. Accessing Your Personal Information

You have the right to request a copy of your personal information about you that FriendHoodie stores and to correct any inaccurate information. (These services are available through our App or if you post comments on our website and other FriendHoodie services).

6. Users Aged 16 or Less

If you are 16 years of age or younger, please get permission from your parent / guardian whenever you want to provide your information on the FriendHoodie website. Users who do not have such permission are not permitted to provide us with personal information or to use the FriendHoodie network in general.

7. How To Find and Manage Your Cookies

If you are using Google Chrome: In the Task Bar, click: 1. Settings, then 2. click Content 3. Click on Advanced Steps Cookies 4. Click Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended) you can turn off Cookies there.

If you are using Internet Explorer 6.0: 1. Select Tools 2. Internet Options 3. Press the Privacy Tab 4. Click Customer Level 5. Click the Advanced Button ('Advanced') 6. Check the 'override automatic cookie hand' and select Accept, Block or Prompt for appropriate action.

If you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 or 5.5: 1. Select Tools, then 2. Internet Options 3. Press the Security tab 4. Click Customer Level 5. Scroll down in the sixth option to check how cookies are controlled by IE5 and switch to Accept (Disable), Disable (or Disable) or Prompt for the appropriate action.

If you are using Internet Explorer 4.0: 1. Select View, then 2. Internet Options 3. Press the Advanced button 4. Scroll down to the exclamation mark under Security and Security. choose one of these three options to balance your use of cookies.

In Internet Explorer 3.0: You Can View, Select (Options), and Go to Advanced Steps, then click on the Warning button before Accepting Cookies.

8. How will you know which pages you went through using cookies?

If you are using Google Chrome: In the Task Bar, click: 1. Settings, then 2. click on Content 3. Click on Advanced Cookies 4. Click See all cookies and site data there you can see all the pages that use Cookies.

If you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 or 6.0: 1. Select Tools, then 2. Internet Options 3. Click the General tab 4. Click Settings 5. View Files (View Files)

If you are using Internet Explorer 4.0: In your Task Bar, click: 1. View, then 2. Internet Options 3. Under the General logo (default tab) click 4. Settings 5. View Files

Internet Explorer 3.0: On your Task Bar, click: 1. View 2. Options 3. Advanced 4. View Files

9. How To View Your Cookie Score

Click on a cookie to open it. You will see a short line of text and digits. These numbers are your identification card, which can be identified by the company that issued the cookie to you.

10. Conclusion

If you have any questions or comments about these privacy policies you can contact us using the contact form available at the bottom or end of this website.

These Privacy Policies were officially edited on 20/8/2020