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Mimina Neema ~ Kwaya ya Mt. Kizito Makuburi [DOWNLOAD AUDIO Mp3]

Grace is not full of wrath but, abundant in loving-kindness and truth, preserving loving-kindness for thousands, pardoning error and transgression and sin. I was happy to know that God is very gracious and merciful and that He forgives many times and bestows His grace to all people.

Show Concern for People 
By Being Kind

God is gracious." (Ps. 145: 8) Although he is the Universal Sovereign, he treats imperfect humans with kindness, consideration, and respect. (Gen. 13:14; 19: 18-21, 29) We can improve our effectiveness in the ministry by imitating our gracious God. (Col. 4: 6) This involves much more than being polite and courteous.

✍From Door to Door

What should we do when we visit a our friends at the wrong time or if they are too busy to talk to us? We should recognize the situation and summarize our message or tell him that we will return at another time. We will not force people to listen to God's word if they do not want to. Consideration for others will also help us to respect their property, such as closing their doors and training our children to do the same. In fact, being kind can motivate us to treat others the way we would like to be treated. — Luke 6:31.

✍In Street Sermons

When preaching on the street, we can be polite by not blocking the way or gathering in front of shops. We will be aware of people's circumstances and try to talk to those who seem to have time rather than to those who are clearly in a hurry. At times, we may even have to speak loudly because of the noise on the street. But we should do so with dignity and respect. — Matt. 12:19.

✍When Preaching by Telephone, Whenever possible

Consideration for others will motivate us to use telephone witnessing in quiet surroundings. We show good manners by introducing ourselves immediately and explaining our purpose of calling. Having a good phone call and a good conversation will help you to engage others in constructive Bible discussions. (1 Cor. 14: 8, 9) We imitate God, our gracious God, by being kind, considerate, and courteous in such ways.


Artist: Kwaya ya Mt. Kizito Makuburi

Song: Mimina Neema

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