Christ be our light ~ Sunday 7pm Choir[Mp3 review & Lyrics]

Song Review: Christ be our light by Sunday 7pm Catholic Church Choir

If you are looking for a beautiful and uplifting hymn to sing in your church or at home, you might want to check out 'Christ be our light' by Sunday 7pm Catholic Church Choir. This song is a cover of the original hymn written by Bernadette Farrell in 1993 and published by OCP Publications. The Sunday 7pm Catholic Church Choir version was released in November 2020 and produced by Kevin Keil. The song is about four minutes long and features a SATB choir with lyrics and a descant.


Artist: Sunday 7pm Choir

Song: Christ be our light

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The Sunday 7pm Catholic Church Choir is a group of singers from St. Francis de Sales Church in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. They sing a variety of Christian choral music, from chant, traditional hymns, taize and SATB anthems, to contemporary, praise and worship, gospel and spiritual songs. They have been serving the parish every Sunday evening at 7pm (excluding long weekends) since 2008. They have also released several albums and videos on various streaming platforms and social media. Some of their awards include the Catholic Press Association Award for Best Music Video in 2019 and the Canadian Christian Music Award for Best Choir Album in 2020.

The music style and genre of 'Christ be our light' is contemporary hymn, which is a modern adaptation of the traditional hymn form. Contemporary hymns usually have simple melodies, catchy rhythms, and accessible lyrics that express the Christian faith in a relevant way. They often use instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, and organ to accompany the singing. Contemporary hymns have become popular in many churches since the late 20th century, especially among younger generations. Some of the well-known contemporary hymn writers are Keith Getty, Stuart Townend, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, and Bernadette Farrell.

One of the aspects of the song that is important is the theme of light. The song is based on the biblical imagery of Christ as the light of the world (John 8:12) who dispels the darkness of sin and death. The song also echoes the words of Isaiah 60:1-3, which prophesy the coming of God's glory to shine upon his people. The song invites the listeners to join in the prayer for Christ to be our light, to shine in our hearts, to shine through the darkness, to shine on his people living in poverty and sorrow, to shine on his church gathered today, and to shine on every land and nation. The song also challenges the listeners to be bearers of Christ's light to others, to share his peace and justice, to break down the walls that divide us, to end war and hatred, and to live as his children.

Another aspect of the song that is important is the musical arrangement. The song has four verses and a refrain that are sung by the whole choir in harmony. The melody is easy to follow and sing along with. The refrain has a catchy hook that repeats the phrase "Christ be our light" four times with different chords. The song also has a bridge that introduces a new melody and lyrics that are sung by a soloist or a small group. The bridge leads to a modulation that increases the intensity and excitement of the song. The song also has a descant that is sung by the sopranos after verse two and four. The descant adds another layer of harmony and beauty to the song.

One of the defects that I have seen in the song is that it might be too repetitive for some listeners. The refrain and the bridge are repeated several times throughout the song, which might make it boring or monotonous for some people. The song also does not have much variation in dynamics or tempo, which might make it less expressive or engaging for some listeners.

'Christ be our light' by Sunday 7pm Catholic Church Choir is a wonderful song that celebrates Christ as our light and calls us to be his light in the world. The song has a contemporary hymn style that is easy to sing and enjoy. The song has a strong theme of light that reflects the biblical message of hope and salvation. The song also has a beautiful musical arrangement that features a SATB choir with lyrics and a descant. The song might have some drawbacks such as being too repetitive or lacking in dynamics or tempo, but overall it is a great song that can inspire and uplift anyone who listens to it or sings it. I highly recommend this song to anyone who loves Christian music or wants to praise God with their voice. You can listen to this song on YouTube or on their website.

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