O Come O Come Emmanuel ~ Sunday 7pm Choir[Mp3 review & Lyrics]

O Come O Come Emmanuel by Sunday 7pm Choir:Song Review

O Come O Come Emmanuel is a traditional Advent hymn that has been sung by Christians for centuries. It is a prayerful and hopeful song that expresses the longing for the coming of Christ, the Messiah, who will save his people from their sins and troubles. The song was recorded live by the Sunday 7pm Choir at St. Francis de Sales Church in Ajax, Ontario, Canada, and uploaded to their YouTube channel on November 28, 2020. The song was produced by Kevin Memley, a composer and conductor who has worked with various choirs and orchestras around the world. The song is about 2 minutes and 49 seconds long, and it features four-part harmony singing with piano accompaniment.


Artist: Sunday 7pm Choir

Song: O Come O Come Emmanuel

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 O Come O Come Emmanuel

The Sunday 7pm Choir is a Catholic choir that sings at the Sunday evening Mass at St. Francis de Sales Parish. The choir was founded in 2015 by Kevin Memley, who is also the director and pianist of the group. The choir consists of about 20 singers of different ages and backgrounds, who share a common passion for music and faith. The choir's mission is to enhance the liturgy and inspire the congregation with their music, which ranges from traditional hymns to contemporary songs. The choir has also performed at various events and venues, such as weddings, funerals, festivals, and concerts. The choir has received positive feedback and recognition from their listeners, and they have won several awards, such as the Best Choir Award at the Catholic Music Festival in 2018.

The music style and genre of O Come O Come Emmanuel is a traditional hymn with a classical influence. The song follows the structure of a strophic form, which means that each verse has the same melody and harmony, but different lyrics. The song has two verses, each with eight lines, and a refrain that repeats after each verse. The refrain is the most memorable part of the song, as it contains the words "Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to you, O Israel!" The melody of the song is based on a Gregorian chant from the 9th century, which was later adapted into a metrical psalm tune in the 15th century. The harmony of the song is based on a minor scale, which creates a somber and solemn mood that reflects the theme of waiting and longing for salvation. The piano accompaniment adds richness and depth to the harmony, as well as some variations and embellishments to the melody.

One of the aspects of the song that is important is the lyrics, which are based on an ancient Latin text from the 12th century. The lyrics are a series of antiphons, which are short phrases that address different names or titles of Christ, such as Wisdom, Lord, Root of Jesse, Key of David, Dayspring, Desire of Nations, and Emmanuel. Each antiphon describes an attribute or a prophecy of Christ that relates to his role as the Savior of Israel and the world. The lyrics also express the hope and joy that Christ will come soon to fulfill his promises and bring peace and justice to his people.

Another aspect of the song that is important is the singing style and technique of the choir. The choir sings with clear diction, accurate intonation, balanced blend, expressive dynamics, and smooth phrasing. The choir also sings with emotion and conviction, conveying the meaning and message of the song to their listeners. The choir demonstrates their skill and talent in singing four-part harmony, which requires good listening and coordination among the singers. The choir also shows their versatility and adaptability in singing different styles and genres of music.

One of the defects that I have seen in the song is that it may not appeal to everyone's taste or preference in music. Some people may find the song too old-fashioned or boring, as it does not have any modern elements or features that are common in today's music industry. Some people may also find the song too religious or doctrinal, as it uses specific terms and references that are exclusive to Christianity or Catholicism. Some people may also find the song too repetitive or monotonous, as it does not have any changes or variations in melody or harmony throughout.

O Come O Come Emmanuel by Sunday 7pm Choir is a beautiful and meaningful song that celebrates the Advent season and anticipates the coming of Christ. The song showcases the history and tradition of Christian music, as well as the skill and talent of the choir and their producer. The song may have some drawbacks or limitations for some listeners, but it also has many strengths and merits that make it worth listening to and appreciating. The song is a reminder and an invitation for us to rejoice and prepare our hearts for the birth of Emmanuel, God with us.

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