Kalori Lwanga Song ~ Namagunga Parish Choir[Mp3 review & Lyrics]

Kalori Lwanga Song by Namagunga Parish Choir: Song Review

Kalori Lwanga, also known as Charles Lwanga, was one of the 22 Ugandan martyrs who died for their faith in the 19th century. He was the leader of the royal pages who resisted the sexual advances and persecution of King Mwanga II, and he was burned alive on June 3, 1886, after instructing and baptizing his fellow catechumens. He is the patron saint of African Catholic Youth Action, and his feast day is celebrated on June 3 along with the other Ugandan martyrs.

The Kalori Lwanga Song by Namagunga Parish Choir is a tribute to this courageous saint and his companions. It is a lively and joyful song that praises God for the gift of martyrdom and invites the faithful to follow their example of fidelity and love. The song is sung in Luganda, the native language of the Baganda people, and it has a catchy melody and rhythm that reflect the rich musical culture of Uganda.

The song begins with a chorus that repeats the name of Kalori Lwanga and proclaims him as a hero of faith. The chorus also declares that he is a star that shines in heaven and on earth, and that he is a model for all Christians. The first verse narrates the story of how Kalori Lwanga and his companions were arrested and tortured by the king for refusing to renounce their faith. The second verse describes how they endured the pain and suffering with courage and joy, and how they prayed for their persecutors and forgave them. The third verse celebrates their victory over death and their entrance into eternal glory, where they intercede for the church and the world.

The song is accompanied by traditional African instruments such as drums, rattles, xylophones, and harps. The choir sings with enthusiasm and harmony, creating a festive atmosphere that invites the listeners to join in the praise. The song also incorporates some elements of call-and-response, where the leader sings a line and the choir responds with another line or repeats the same line. This technique creates a sense of dialogue and participation between the singers and the audience.

The Kalori Lwanga Song by Namagunga Parish Choir is a beautiful example of how music can express and transmit the faith of a people. It is a song that honors the memory of the Ugandan martyrs, who gave their lives for Christ and his church. It is also a song that inspires us to follow their footsteps, to be faithful to God in all circumstances, and to love our enemies as Christ taught us. It is a song that reminds us that martyrdom is not only a historical event, but a present reality for many Christians around the world who face persecution and discrimination because of their faith. It is a song that challenges us to be witnesses of God's love in our own lives, and to share it with others.

The Kalori Lwanga Song by Namagunga Parish Choir can be listened to on YouTube¹ or on Facebook². It is also featured on the website of Ugandan Catholics Online³, where you can find more information about the Ugandan martyrs and other aspects of Catholic culture in Uganda.


Artist: Namagunga Parish Choir

Song: Kalori Lwanga Song

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