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The Bible tells us that there is one God in three persons; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. And each soul has its own ministry. 

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God the Father created the world and continues to take care of it. And God the Son was born in a human body and saved the world from sin. The Holy Spirit awakens and builds faith in man. So we must ask, "Who is the Holy Spirit?" Because the Holy Spirit is the third person of God and not an independent force.

What Is the Holy Spirit?

✍The Bible's answer

The holy spirit is God's active force. (Micah 3: 8; Luke 1:35) God sends out his spirit by directing his active force to accomplish his will. — Psalm 104: 30; 139: 7.

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In the Bible, the word “spirit” is translated from the Hebrew word ruʹach and the Greek word pneuʹma. Often, the expression refers to God's active force, or holy spirit. (Genesis 1: 2) However, the Bible also uses those words in other senses:

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☇Breath. — Habakkuk 2:19; Revelation 13:15.

☇Wind. — Genesis 8: 1; John 3: 8.

☇The driving force behind living things. — Job 34:14, 15.

☇A person's attitude or attitude. — Numbers 14:24.

☇God and the spirit creatures, such as angels. — 1 Kings 22:21; John 4:24.

All of these meanings give the impression of something invisible to human beings that makes things invisible. Similarly, God's spirit, “as a wind, is invisible, is not real, and is powerful.” - An Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, by W. E. Vine.

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The Bible also refers to God's holy spirit as his “hands” or “fingers.” (Psalm 8: 3; 19: 1; Luke 11:20; compare Matthew 12:28.) Just as an artist uses his hands and fingers to perform his work, God has used his spirit to produce such things as these:

👉The world. — Psalm 33: 6; Isaiah 66: 1, 2.

👉The Bible. — 2 Peter 1:20, 21.

👉The miracles performed by his servants in ancient times and by their zealous preaching activity. — Luke 4:18; Acts 1: 8; 1 Corinthians 12: 4-11.

👉The fine qualities displayed by those who obey him. — Galatians 5:22, 23.


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