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Jesus testified to the truth about God's purposes.

     ✍IN WORDS: He zealously preached the truth about God's Kingdom

      ✍IN ACTION: His life proved that God's prophetic word was true.

As disciples of Jesus, we bear witness to the truth.

       👉WORDS: Even when ridiculed, we preach the good news of the established Kingdom of God with Christ as King.

       👉ACTIONS: By our neutral stand and Christian conduct, we show our support for Jesus' kingship.

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The sentences we read above try to remind us that just words without actions are nothing, they do not bring full meaning. WORDS reflect what is seen in actions and ACTS also convince us of what we have made clear in our words. This is a very serious relationship that should be honest in itself.


AN ACT of kindness can do much to comfort and encourage a person! When we find out that someone cares, we feel better about ourselves. Since each of us is happy when we are treated kindly, how can we cultivate this beautiful quality?

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Showing kindness to others involves taking an active interest in the welfare of others — a fact that is reflected in words and deeds that you want to help. Although kindness is expressed through actions, it involves more than just treating others with respect and dignity. True kindness is rooted in deep love and compassion. In addition, kindness shown in this way is part of the fruitage of God's holy spirit, which Christians are encouraged to cultivate. (Gal. 5:22, 23) We need to develop a healthy attitude, so let us consider how Jehovah and his Son show it and how we can imitate them.


God cares for and shows mercy to all, including “the ungrateful and the wicked.” (Luke 6:35) For example, God “makes his sun rise upon wicked people and good and makes it rain upon righteous people and unrighteous.” (Matt. 5:45) So even those who do not acknowledge God as their Creator can benefit from his loving provision of life and enjoy a measure of happiness.

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The way God dealt with Adam and Eve is a wonderful example of how to show kindness to others. Immediately after their sin, Adam and Eve “tied together the leaves of the fig tree and made garments for them to cover their nakedness.” However, God knew that they needed a better garment to sustain themselves out of Eden, where the ground was cursed with “thorns and thistles.” Thus, kindness moved God to care for their needs by providing “long garments of skin.” - Gen. 3: 7, 17, 18, 21.

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Artist: Kwaya ya Mt. Kizito Makuburi

Song: Maneno tu

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