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Ametamalaki ~ Mt. JudeThaddeus Mbeya [DOWNLOAD AUDIO Mp3]

Ametamalaki ~ Mt. JudeThaddeus Mbeya

Ametamalaki ~ Mt. JudeThaddeus Mbeya

Ametamalaki is a great tune that you must love to add in your playlist. It has been released by a catholic choir of St. JudeThaddeus of Mbeya.

It is a best gospel Track to listen especially during this Easter session.

 Advice’ pick the song, share feelings, enjoy listening and dancing!!

Track’s Details
Genre: Gospel
Duration: 8:16min
File type: Mp3
File Size: 7.87Mb
Bit rate: 128kbit/s


Artist: St. JudeThaddeus Mbeya Choir

Song: Ametamalaki

Download Audio Mp3

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