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Harmonize ~ Hujanikomoa [DOWNLOAD AUDIO Mp3]

Harmonize ~ Hujanikomoa

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Hujanikomoa is a new Tradition tune from Afro East Album that has been released recently, by a Tanzanian Super Artist, Harmonize Konde  boy’.  You must love to add in your playlist.

Do you love tradition songs? Hujanikomoa which means ‘It doesn’t make me fail’ is your favorite. Actually the song has got nice African beats that will let you have great moments after a listen.

It tracks # No. 18 in Afro East Album. ‘Advice’ pick the song share the feelings, enjoy dedicating now!!


Genre: Bongo Flava
Duration: 5:59min
File type: Mp3
File Size: 11.2Mb
Bit rate: 256kbit/s


Harmonize ~ Hujanikomoa

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